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Filing Taxes as a Non-Resident

tax filing
UNCG partners with Sprintax Nonresident Tax Preparation each year to offer assistance for F-1 visa holders who file as nonresidents for tax purposes. Every January, we will send a code to use when filing your taxes with Sprintax. Keep an eye on your UNCG email to receive this information. If you have been in the U.S. for more than 5 years, you will need to file taxes as a resident using TurboTax or similar software.




U.S. Tax season survival handbook for international students on F-1 Visas

Sprintax YouTube Channel

Mistakes to avoid when completing taxes

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find this year's Sprintax code for UNCG F-1 visa holders? - updated January 2023
The Sprintax code has been sent to all F-1 visa holders at UNCG students since January in each of the ISSS Insider emails. For your convenience, you can reference the information here.

Do I count as a resident or nonresident for tax purposes?
If you have been in the U.S. for less than 5 years, you will be considered a nonresident for tax purposes. Sprintax has a feature to help determine your filing status based on entry and exit dates to the U.S. Please setup a Sprintax account and respond to the questions to determine if you are a resident or nonresident.

I did not work in the U.S. last year, do I still have to file taxes as an F-1 visa holder? What about my dependents?
To determine whether or not you need to file taxes, please read the U.S. tax season survival handbook for international students on F-1 visas. Even if you didn’t work or receive income (including scholarships!) in the U.S., you (and your dependents) are still legally obliged to file Form 8843 (more information) with the IRS every year. This is very important, and could have an impact on your ability to change your status to a Green Card, H1B, or other visa category in the future!

Who can help me if I have questions when filing my taxes as a nonresident?
Sprintax has a built-in chat service for students to get 24/7 access to tax assistance. DSOs in IPC are not qualified to answer tax-related questions; however, if you do not receive sufficient information from Sprintax, let us know so we can pass it along to our representative directly. Check out the "Additional Resources" section below for more help.

Additional Resources